Alison Gilmour

Alison was born in Auckland, New Zealand growing up in a small suburb near the beach. This has instilled a deep love of the sea which has inspired her to paint it in its many forms.

She captures the endless beauty of her environment with delicate brushwork – creating images which have a photo-realistic quality and hues which reflect the clarity, light and richness of the South Pacific. She is driven by a compulsion to paint the movements and patterns of nature, icons and symbols of the places she loves.  

Alison paints as she sees paradise, the absence of civilisation almost always apparent as she focuses on the light playing on pristine water, foliage and sand – preoccupied with changes to colours of land, sea and flora. These evocative paintings are striking, surprising and memorable in their representation.

For a number of years Alison has worked with Tim Wilson, one of New Zealand’s most successful landscape artists. Through working with Tim and exhibiting in his acclaimed gallery, Alison has increased her global profile, increased the value to her already very successful paintings and continues to learn about her craft and life.

Alison spends her downtime capturing the character and personality of household pets and other animals. This is done with life-like sketches in graphite or coloured pencils. Learn more here -

Alison is represented solely by The Wilson Gallery, Queenstown.

All images are the copyright of Alison Gilmour©